Entry #2

I have returned! (Woo, I guess and suppose)

2015-06-21 18:34:31 by GraniteOverworld

So after roughly a five year hiatus from releasing music here on Newgrounds (aside from one song in 2013), I have returned to shove music into your face-ears. A lot has changed since my initial run here back in 2010. For one, I have my own band now called Godfish that makes a sort of hybrid of Post-Hardcore punk and Pre-Grunge style metal. We'll be releasing an EP sometime this year if all goes well, though I'll probably continue to use this account to upload random odds and ends from my solo work. 

Another difference is my solo style has changed quite a bit. You wont be hearing a lot (or any) Stoner Metal or Ambient music anymore, as I've mostly moved on from those types of music. A lot of what'll be here is gonna be a bit more eclectic and scatter-brained than before. Hip-Hop beats, different types of metal, and acoustic tunes, among other things, will be my new bread and butter. Though if you're interested in going back to my more experimental noise and ambient stuff, I created a bandcamp that has a couple of EPs comprised of that sort of music.


Anyways, it's good to be back on Newgrounds uploading new music and such as that. Keep an eye and ear out for new developments. I may also dip my toes into animation like I once did, but that remains to be seen. Anyways, hello again, Newgrounds


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